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Have you ever found that certain colours you wear drain you and make you look tired? By using colour analysis as a guide I can help you make informed colour choices, finding what colours flatter your complexion and reflect your personality. This knowledge will help you refine your wardrobe and simplify shopping too as you will know what colours and shades work best for you.

£ 190 - 2 hrs

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We all have a unique body shape and we don't all fit neatly into one category. I can help you identify your shape so that you can wear pieces from your wardrobe or buy items that best suit you and flatter your shape.

Identifying your shape and finding clothes and styles that flatter will boost your confidence, rejuvenate your wardrobe and make shopping a more rewarding experience.

£ 190 - £285
2-3 hrs



Your wardrobe is not just a container for clothes. It’s a life’s work of careful curation and, more importantly, conversation. To put it bluntly, if you care at all about what you wear, you should think very carefully about how you store it. Or don’t think about it at all and book a wardrobe edit with me.

Together we will curate a wardrobe that’s perfectly tailored to your unique personal style and life. It will contain everything you need to feel confident and inspired everyday. It won’t be based on trends, style types or a one size fits all list of ‘wardrobe essentials’.

Your life is not that same as everyone else’s so why should your wardrobe be?

 From £380
4 hrs minimum

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Do you find the whole shopping experience daunting and confusing? Are you dissatisfied with your purchases once you return home? Do you wish you had a professional guiding you through the whole process? Well now you can!

I help women identify what they are looking for, what styles, shapes and colours best suit their physique while keeping in line with their own tastes and personality. I take the stress out of shopping and give my clients the tools to identify what to buy in the future.

From £380
4 hrs minimum



How do you want to look and feel on your wedding day?

Figuring out your bridal style is important; it helps to serve as a compass, the centre of a web from which everything else is connected and will influence all the other details that go into your ceremony and reception.

What you wear has the power to influence how you feel, how you carry yourself and how you interact with the world. When it comes to bridal fashion in particular there’s even more consideration at play. Your wedding dress is the most important article of clothing you will ever wear and how you feel in your wedding dress will determine how you feel throughout your entire wedding day.

I can help you to find your dream wedding dress, one that you will be proud to look at in years to come. I will work with you, your wedding coordinator or the venue to ensure that we keep to the theme of your day and incorporate the right colours, materials or styling. But, ultimately you will want to work with me because you want to know you are going to look and feel amazing on the day

From £380
4 hrs minimum

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Do you have a special event coming up that you want to stand out for?

Or do you want to look effortlessly stylish, but not sure where to start? I will work with you to make sure you look and feel amazing, whatever the occasion.

This is a one-off personal shop which will give you far more flexibility around the time we spend and where we shop.

From £190
2 hrs minimum



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