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I have an intense commitment to changing my clients’ lives through style. My life long passion for fashion, means that I am expertly equipped to make a difference. 

I became an Image Consultant because of a life long passion for style and all things fashion and a desire to help other ladies discover and find their style. What I love most about my job is being able to help, guide, support and give confidence to my clients. All my clients have style, all they need me for is to find it!

My style philosophy is to help my clients feel amazing and accepting of who they are now. There isn’t a one size fits all approach because we are all so much more than our body shape, style personality, colour palette and age.


All my clients will get their own unique approach in helping them to find their personal style and help them to make informed style choices in the future.

Lizzy standing infront of glass mirror with bright pink coat
Brightly coloured clothes on a rack


As a stylist its not all about shopping its about styling what you already own in your wardrobe, when you commit to a new purchase you should think ‘how many times will I wear this’ if you don’t think you will get at least 30 wears out of something then put it back! You should also think ‘how many ways can I style this item’, its amazing how many different looks/outfits you can create with just what you have in your wardrobe! As the fashion industry moves to be more sustainable, why not let me help you to achieve maximum wear out of your current wardrobe items by styling lots of different new looks with what you currently own. It will be like you suddenly have lots of new clothes.