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I have an intense commitment to changing my clients’ lives through their style. My life long passion for fashion and style, means that I am expertly equipped to make a difference. 

A lifelong passion for fashion and all things style is what drove me to qualify as a personal stylist and I feel privileged to help to empower both men and women though their image.

I use my skills as a qualified personal stylist to enable my clients develop what they need personally or professionally to be remembered.

I offer a range of styling services for men and women from my style studio in North Yorkshire (near York), I also travel to clients all over the North and in and around the London area.

All it takes is seven seconds for someone to form an impression of you, seven seconds isn’t enough time to win people over with your personality but it is enough time for a person to form an opinion of you. Whether we like it or not people judge us by the way we look. But this is good news because the way you dress is 100 percent in your control, which means you can change it. You get to fully express your best and  most powerful self image through your personal signature style.

So whether you want help with how to dress professionally, for exercise, for a party or how to chill out in style let’s have a conversation to see how I can help you.

I’ll help you to be individual, wear what you like, live how you like and gain inspiration from every corner of the physical and digital world.

Lizzy standing infront of glass mirror with bright pink coat
Brightly coloured clothes on a rack


I am a strong believer in a collaborative approach to styling. I don’t believe it’s just about the clothes, how they fit and how you have styled them.


Creating that all important powerful first impression also comes from your mindset, it’s where your psychological self image meets your physical image.


So, I often work with people in different industries to create a service and solution that works for men and women. It’s about empowerment and confidence, my clients tell me it’s life changing.