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“Style is something you OWN and is unique to you, fashion comes and goes. By understanding you and your lifestyle I can help you build and develop a signature style.” 


This service includes:


Physique analysis to assess and define the style of clothes that most suit you.


Colour analysis to identify which colours best suit your skin tone (this will help enormously with the impact of jackets, shirts, ties, pocket squares etc)


Advice on fit, accessories and brands that are suited to you.

 From £190
 2 hrs minimum

Add on a personal shop and wardrobe edit for the ultimate style package. If you are long overdue an overhaul then this package is just for you. It’s essentially all my experience and expertise in one complete package. This package will need to be split over more than one day.

 From £760
 8 hrs minimum

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A selection of men's clothing


Your wardrobe is not just a container for clothes. It’s a life’s work of careful curation and, more importantly, conversation. To put it bluntly, if you care at all about what you wear, you should think very carefully about how you store it. Or don’t think about it at all and book a wardrobe edit with me.

Together we will curate a wardrobe that’s perfectly tailored to your unique personal style and life. It will contain everything you need to feel confident and inspired everyday. It won’t be based on trends, style types or a one size fits all list of ‘wardrobe essentials’.

Your life is not that same as everyone else’s so why should your wardrobe be?

 From £380
4 hrs minimum



A personal shop is your shortcut to achieving a wardrobe of clothes and accessories that will create that all important first impression.


The outcome of a personal shop with me will leave you ready to make that first impression whether you are meeting clients, being photographed or are out socially.


I always do a pre shop prior to us meeting for the personal shop, which means that we can get you straight into a changing room which will deliver you results from the start of your session.


If we don’t find everything instore on the day, then I will source the items of clothing and send you the links to enable you to purchase them at your leisure.



A personal shop can be done in person or after an initial consultation with me I can shop virtually on your behalf, I will create a shoppable mood board complete with clickable links for the ultimate hassle free shopping experience.

From £380
4 hrs minimum

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Take your opportunity to shine and truly compliment your wife-to-be on your wedding day.

From helping you buy off the peg to made to measure and bespoke, or even something less formal, I can help you find your ultimate outfit, one that you will be proud to look at in years to come and your wife will be ecstatic with.

I will work with you, your wedding coordinator or the venue to ensure that we keep to the theme of your day and incorporate the right colours, materials or styling. But, ultimately you will want to work with me because you want to know you are going to look and feel amazing on the day.

From £190
2 hrs minimum


Do you have a special event coming up that you want to stand out for?

Or do you want to look effortlessly stylish, but not sure where to start? I will work with you to make sure you look and feel amazing, whatever the occasion.

This is a one-off personal shop which will give you far more flexibility around the time we spend and where we shop.

From £190
2 hrs minimum

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