It has been such a great experience taking Lizzy's styling advice! She is friendly, fun, professional and super passionate about what she does. We worked together and identified different styles and colours that suit my personality and look. I really value her advice on what clothes suit my body shape, my hair and skin colour! Above all Lizzy makes it fun and interesting and is so lovely to work with!

Thank you so much Lizzy.



Finally, I feel like I know what colours and shapes suit me best, after Lizzy cast her expert eye over my wardrobe and we worked through all my preferences. I'm trying out new styles that I wouldn't have considered before, and the confidence to pick from a colour pallet that suits me is really liberating. I've been brave enough to choose something other than black. It's amazing how small tweaks to my existing wardrobe have made all the difference to my overall look. The shopping tips have been particularly brilliant, as Lizzy has an eye for key pieces, in a sensible budget that, frankly you'd never have time to source yourself. The whole experience has been great fun too - I just wish I'd done it years ago!


I contacted Lizzy to help me with a bit of styling advice as I had been feeling a bit frumpy and stuck in a fashion rut. I don't particularly follow trends but I had lost sight of what styles work well for my height (5'2") and body shape (on the rounder side!) reverting to freeflowing unflattering styles as my standard go to look. 

Chatting to Lizzy via Zoom, participating in her thorough and comprehensive questionnaires, getting my colours done, and finally going shopping together has been a fabulous process. I have regained an interest in style and a more indepth knowledge of how differently we all wear our clothes. I feel more confident in my clothes choices, and as such I feel I am enhancing and celebrating my best features but drawing attention away from my least favourite ones! 

The beauty of EJK Style Consultancy is that you can pick and choose what level of assistance you need, anything from a whole wardrobe revamp to advice on just one outfit.



Thank you for my body shape and colour analysis consultations. I have learnt a lot from it and I certainly have a better understanding of what sort of clothes I should be buying and wearing, you also gave me a lot of confidence and I have already recommended you to my family and friends


You spoke and I have listened!

Colour, puff sleeves and a short waist. I never would have worn this a year ago!

Client Susie Rea


I went to see Lizzy for Colour Analysis and it was fantastic!  Lizzy made me feel at ease from start to finish and really helped me to understand what colours suited me.  I really appreciated the fact that I wasn’t pigeon-holed into one colour category, Lizzy’s approach helped me get clarity and give me a framework to use in future.  She really took the time to work through the vast array of colours and it felt very comprehensive, but also fun!  I also love the way Lizzy uses a private Pinterest Board with me to share my colours and other inspiration - it is so engaging and useful.  All-in-all it was massively helpful and a great investment that I would thoroughly recommend!


Lizzy provides more than styling advice and inspiration - she ‘sorts’ your wardrobe in the most practical of ways, too! As I work full time, I don’t have time to get rid of things, order things, sell things - but in Lizzy I have found someone who goes the extra mile, taking away unwanted clothes, ordering hangers (which, by the way, are life changing!) and doing all the leg work to fill key wardrobe gaps. Critically, though, she understands that everyone is different, and listens and observes so she gives you the right support for you. All in all, it has been not just a wardrobe overhaul, but also great fun, and a very worthwhile return on investment!

Client Lizzy Massey